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How To Relieve Bloating


Bloating is usually caused by the breakdown of food through the digestion process or by swallowed air. When trapped gas is unable to pass through flatulence or belching, it can accumulate in the intestines and stomach, leading to bloating. Abdominal pain is often coupled with bloating and can be dull, mild or sharp. Bloating can also be caused by anxiety ...

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What Are Enzymes


Enzymes are proteins that have unique abilities. They’re present in all living cells and are needed for every chemical reaction in the body. Each enzyme performs its own specific task. Our bodies produce different types of digestive enzymes to break down the food we eat. Digestive enzymes are secreted all along your digestive tract, starting in the mouth with salivary ...

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Causes of Excess Belching


Belching is the release of gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. It is the result of swallowing air, usually while eat or drinking. While it is normal to swallow small amounts of air, big, noisy belches occur when too much air is swallowed, often unintentionally. The clinical term for belching is eructation; the common term is burping. Causes- ...

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