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Enzyme Guides

Cellulase Digestive Enzyme


Cellulase is an important part of the non-human produced enzymes which breaks down cellulose. Cellulase is a class of enzymes that is produced by the fungi bacteria and protozoans that generate cellulolysis. The purpose of cellulase in the human body and digestive health is to break down cellulose and convert it to beta-glucose. Once the cellulose is converted to beta-glucose ...

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Lipase Digestive Enzyme


If someone says there are fats in a food type most will assume that it’s not healthy but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In most foods you will find fats that good and essential in nourishing our bodies. Lipase is considered one of the more naturally produced essential enzymes for the fact that it breaks down fats that ...

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Papain Digestive Enzyme


Knowing that our natural enzyme production is key to better digestive health isn’t the only knowledge we need when it comes to enzymes. There are many enzymes that are not natural to human body that boast many digestive health benefits and papain is one of them. Papain is an enzyme that is extracted from unripe papaya fruit. The importance of ...

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Bromelain Digestive Enzyme


Many people correctly associate a pineapple with being a fruit you enjoy at the end of a meal. What many people don’t know is that within pineapples is an enzyme called bromelain that isn’t produced naturally by the human body. Bromelain was first discovered by scientists in 1891 and in the mid 1900’s bromelain was used for treatment of pain, ...

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Alpha–chymotrypsin Digestive Enzyme


Protein digestion within our systems is one of the more complicated processes that occur compared to other food groups. For this reason, the essential enzymes naturally produced by our bodies are crucial so that we get the nutrients from proteins we need. Alpha–chymotrypsin is one of the essential enzymes produced by our bodies tasked with the breakdown of proteins. Alpha–chymotrypsin ...

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Trypsin Digestive Enzyme


Whether you like meats, nuts, cheeses or eggs, no one doubts the importance of these foods to overall well-being of the human being. To be able to eat these types of proteins involves the aid essential enzymes specifically suited for the breakdown of proteins. Trypsin is considered one of the pillars of a group of enzymes in our bodies that ...

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Peptidase Digestive Enzyme


Peptidase is an important essential enzyme part of a group that helps with the digestion of proteins inside the human body. Peptidase has an important role in the breakdown of proteins through hydrolysis which means the breaking down of bigger molecules into smaller parts. The smaller parts peptidase breaks proteins down into are known as peptides and amino acids. Without ...

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