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Enzyme Guides

Pepsin Digestive Enzyme


Breaking down proteins is laborious work for our digestive system. There are many ways and places the process of breaking down proteins needs to go. One of the more important protein enzymes is pepsin. Pepsin enzymes have the role of degrading food proteins into peptides which is lets the digestion of the proteins to happen. Pepsin is one of three ...

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Protease Digestive Enzyme


Protease is an essential enzyme that is also known as proteinase or peptidase and its main job is to break down proteins from meats, nuts, eggs and dairy. Protease essential enzymes have the very important job of getting proteins from food sources that would otherwise turn into fat. What protease does is convert the proteins it finds in meat sources ...

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Glucoamylase Digestive Enzyme


Glucoamylase is an essential enzyme that differs from amylase in that it is produced within the human body and is responsible for breaking down long chain starches and carbohydrates into sugars. Once the carbohydrates and starches are broken down, the Glucoamylase enzyme turns them into sugars that provide fuel for the body. The main role of all essential enzymes is ...

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Invertase Digestive Enzyme


Many of the foods we eat are either carbohydrates or sugars and thus the necessity for our body’s essential enzymes levels to be proper is something we should all be aware of. One of those essential enzymes is invertase. The role invertase plays in the digestion process is that it separates sucrose or table sugar into glucose and fructose. The ...

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Maltase Digestive Enzyme


Maltase is an enzyme that is found naturally in humans and also in yeasts, bacteria and plants. Maltase’s purpose is to break down disaccharide maltose into monosaccharides (malt sugars). The important role of maltase as an enzyme in our digestive system is found when starch is being assimilated in maltose by salivary or pancreatic enzymes like amylase. Once the amylase ...

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Sucrase Digestive Enzyme


There are many important enzymes but the enzymes that help break down complicated sugars into simple sugars are increasingly important in a ruled by sweet food world. Sucrase enzymes digest complex sugars and starches into simple sugars like glucose and fructose. Ultimately the main job in the naturally occurring sucrase is the breakdown of foods that allows the absorption of ...

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Diastase Digestive Enzyme


Many scientists across the globe consider diastase to be the first enzyme ever found and documented. The importance of diastase is that it breaks starch into maltose and then into glucose. This process of breaking down starches into a usable source for the human body is necessary for humans to function and be healthy. Discovered by Anselme Payen and Francois ...

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