The Latest Reviews for Digestive Health

Are Digestive Enzymes Safe to Take?


When dealing with finding the right enzyme supplement for you it’s best to narrow it down to the type of enzymes that are healthiest for you and necessary for your needs as far as digestion goes. Raw food contains the enzymes needed to digest it. However, most of us don’t live on a raw food diet. When we cook our ...

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Functions of Digestive Enzymes


In our bodies, there already is an abundance of natural essential enzymes. Over time though, the levels of enzymes drop and the digestive process doesn’t product the same way it once did. To deal with this, the supplementation of enzymes has become an effective tool in making sure humans get the most out of the foods they eat and the ...

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Best Time of Day to Take Digestive Enzymes


Understanding when to take digestive enzymes is something that no person gets from the first try. Taking digestive enzymes is usually suggested before meals or in the morning before your day starts but depending on your natural enzyme levels along with the reactions your body goes through with the specific foods you eat, it can all depend. There’s a lot ...

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What Kinds of Digestive Enzymes Should I Take?


Understanding your body will be one of the more important things you do once you become an adult. Along with that comes with knowing what foods you can eat and what foods you can’t. Through the help of digestive enzymes you realize that not all foods are out of bounds and what enzymes you need for maintaining the best possible ...

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What Are Digestive Enzymes?


Understanding what we can eat and what we can’t eat is something we have down once we’re teenagers. What we don’t know when we’re teenagers is that with the help of digestive enzymes we could eat more of the foods that we once thought we’re no-no’s and also boost the overall health of our bodies going forward. Enzymes are proteins ...

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Hidden Dangers of Digestive Enzymes


Once you begin supplementation of digestive enzymes you’ll notice that your digestive health has in fact changed for the better and you’re back to enjoying foods you once thought were impossible to eat. The other side to the wonderful benefits of digestive enzymes is the fact that you can become dependent on them. According to most studies, around 10% of ...

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Cellulase Digestive Enzyme


Cellulase is an important part of the non-human produced enzymes which breaks down cellulose. Cellulase is a class of enzymes that is produced by the fungi bacteria and protozoans that generate cellulolysis. The purpose of cellulase in the human body and digestive health is to break down cellulose and convert it to beta-glucose. Once the cellulose is converted to beta-glucose ...

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